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Our Simply Vegan Caribbean Cookery Kit Gift Box is a must-have for those who enjoy delicious plant-based meals. This kit includes everything you need to create authentic Caribbean dishes, including recipes, spices, and ingredients. It's the perfect gift for any vegan foodie, and is sure to impress with its unique and flavourful ingredients. Whether for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion, this gift box will delight and satisfy.

Simply Vegan Caribbean Cookery Kit Gift Box

SKU: 0014
  • This vegan cookery kit tells you everything you need to know about which Caribbean vegetables to source, such as plantain, pumpkin, cassava, callaloo, pigeon peas, sweet potato and which of Tan Rosie’s award-winning extensive range of spices and sauces, you’ll need to create some of the best home-cooked dishes you’ve EVER seen, that are sure to make your tastebuds explode!

    Each kit contains:

    x1 Tan Rosie Simply Vegan Cookbook

    x1 Tan Rosie’s Garlic & Pepper Sauce (HOT)

    x1 Banana Ketchup

    x1 Caribbean Sweet Pepper Sauce (mild)

    x1 Aubergine & Mushroom Pesto & Spread

    x1 Jerk Rub

    x1 Caribbean Style Curry Powder

    x1 Sweet Chilli Ginger Sauce

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