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Tan Rosie - Our Story

Tan Rosie was a beloved figure in her community. Her granddaughter Monica was inspired by her and decided to name the business after her. The name ‘Tan’ is an affectionate name for ‘Aunt’ in the Caribbean – Aunty, Tanty, Tan. The name 'Tan Rosie' is a tribute to her Caribbean roots and the love and respect she commanded from everyone who knew her. 



Monica's love for food and cooking has been a lifelong passion that has been inspired by her family recipes, cookery shows, and cooking at family BBQ's. Her strong Caribbean heritage has played a significant role in her culinary journey, and she has always tried to mix Caribbean cooking with different cuisines since moving to England in the 1960s. Monica's love for combining Caribbean flavours with her favorite foods has resulted in unique and delicious dishes that bring a taste of her home country to every meal. Her years of experience in the kitchen have allowed her to perfect the art of cooking, and her passion for food shines through in every dish she creates.


Karie-Ann Lee

Karie-Ann Lee's love for cooking was sparked by the mouth-watering dishes her mother Monica prepared for her while growing up. After working as a graphic designer for well-known international sports brands, Karie-Ann decided to join forces with her mother to establish Tan Rosie. Karie-Ann's expertise in design and branding was instrumental in creating the Tan Rosie brand, while she simultaneously learned the traditional Caribbean recipes passed down from her mother. Today, Karie-Ann continues to draw inspiration from her mother's teachings and creates unique Caribbean recipes and food products under the Tan Rosie brand.

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